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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Poptop Flower Accessory

It's been too long since I've been here. It's the usual things...summertime, family know, stuff to do. Okay, with the warmer weather we all should be enjoying more beverages. I'm not judging if you're the type of person who enjoys adult libations-heck, I do every now and again. But what do we do with these?

 An idea came to me and well, let's just say it's brilliant. How about we make one of these?

or these?

That's right! A Poptop Flower Accessory! Doesn't every girl need a couple of these? Of course, she does!

To make one you'll need:

6 to 8 Poptops-just pull them off those beer soda cans 
1 bottle cap, but you could use a large button, or a poker chip/game piece something for the center
Glue-I used E6000, but hot glue would work too
a small scrap piece of felt
1 pin back, hair clip, barrette or headband {use what you have :)} 

Flip over your bottle cap, button, poker chip and glue the Poptops around the perimeter like so

I tried to line up the flat part of the tab with the edge of the bottle cap for aesthetic purposes. The number of Poptops needed is in relation to the circumference of you middle piece {whatever you're using} and if you want them touching or not. I leave that up to you. {whew! and no more math speak-okay?}

Once the Poptops are set, cover them with a scrap piece of felt to cover the back of the piece. A one inch circle should do nicely. OH! and FYI a one inch circle fits perfectly into the bottle cap. Think of the possibilities there! Scrapbook paper, gems, Modge Podge...endless I tell ya.

Once the felt is set you can glue on a pin back, making this a brooch, or you can glue on a barrette. But a headband or hair clip would work just as well. I used a barrette on this one.

Let the whole thing set completely. Flip over and embellish inside your bottle cap or add a sticker like I did to this game counter piece-thingy. {Who knows where it came from?}

So, there you have it! Put a little happy in you hair! And wait for your friends to ask you where you got the coolest accessory around. They'll be agog when you tell them you made it. Cool~

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