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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Back In the Saddle

It's been far too long. I have let my creativity slip. Well, that might not be absolutely true, I stalk Pinterest quite a bit and I have some lovely pins over there. Some are junk related, and others are to make, do, cook, and a collection of my faves.

I thought about starting a new blog, with a new name and all, but after some thought I decided to resurrect this one. There's nothing I would write elsewhere that I would put here. Yes, I started this as a junk/garden/recycle blog, but methinks that has pigeon-holed what I could write about. To this I say poppycock. (Isn't that a funny word? Perhaps we should revive it, put it back in circulation. It sounds way more fun than bullsh*t, right?)

Look forward to many new ideas, photos, faves, places and ideas. I leave you with this for the day. The pier at Myrtle Beach State Park-sunset. This is from early May of this year.