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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

good clean fun-Soap For Your Soul

One of my favorite sayings is, "Inspiration comes from everywhere; you never know when it will strike you." In my experience this is pretty much the norm.

When I decided to launch Stellamajigs, I wanted to model my success after a local woman I know. Emily owns and runs Soap For Your Soul. It's her own line of handmade vegan soap. I've been using them for about three years now. Recently, Emily came up with some new fragrances, and a brand new logo. Whenever I'm at the Farmer's Market I have to stop and say hello; sometimes, I have to replenish my stock. Everyone needs soap you know-

One of the things I like most about Emily is her down-to-earth demeanor. She's completely genuine, and stands behind her products 100 percent. Besides an amazing array of scents, Emily offers trial sizes, gift baskets and special orders; she even makes laundry soap and a shampoo bar!

I encourage you to check out this wonderful soul...and her soap. The link goes right to her Etsy store. You won't be disappointed.

Mmm Strawberry Shine!

Laundry Soap in a jar! No fabric softener needed!  So be sure to check out Soap For Your Soul-it's good clean fun.

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