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Monday, November 29, 2010

visual representations

I like, okay LOVE junk. I can't deny it. I often find myself looking at the old tobacco barns along the country roads here. Junk heaps! Cripes, I have to control myself to keep from stopping and putting every beautiful rust bit in the car. I love American Pickers, and sometimes I channel Fred Sanford. I'd love to have an old jalopy and spend my days looking for junk or wandering around in places like this:

This sitting along side the house in a sunny spot would be sweet.

Now we're talking!

This is just too cute. I bet I could put together something similar...hmm.

Seriously, the above picture makes me SWOON!!! I'd love to have a garden such as this one. I've seen some awesome gardens here in South Carolina, and I know it can be done. There's Brookgreen Gardens which is not far from the ocean. Here's the link to their site.

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