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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

today's treasures

I was thinking after reading about Funky Junk's amazing free stuff that I needed something really cool and unique to build my garden around. I just couldn't believe her neighbor's let her have that stuff-FREE!!! I am so jealous. Where O where could I find some stuff that cool?

This my friends sits in my very own backyard. It is the grate from an old fire pit, and as you can see it has a beautiful patina, and it is unique. Why can't I plant flowers in there?

As I was leaving on an errand this morning, something brilliantly pink caught my eye. With all the dead branches and falling leaves about, I was mesmerized. This beauty is currently growing on the bush in my front yard. (On November 30th y'all!!!) I love me some south!

And finally, this arrived in the mail today. Yes, it was costly, but it sure looks nice on my desk. Don't you think?

The face reads "Paris Clocks" and the numbers are just lovely. It replaces the plain, old, boring, white one that was there before. to see if I can get the adjustment lever from a microphone stand to work just as nicely.

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