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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

the making of a mantle

Things really are busy this time of year, not for me however, things have slowed significantly. I'm not complaining, however, I was forced to rest for a few days. I had a really bad cold. So, just like your mother used to tell you, "rest and plenty of fluids" will get you back to normal. And, we've seen it and heard it everywhere, but it certainly bears repeating: WASH YOUR HANDS!!!

Now, onto other topics. All over blogland for the past few weeks I have seen posts about mantle decorating. I, however, live in an old house, in South Carolina, and haven't a mantle to decorate. Boo hoo! I mean serious pouty face. However, between my kitchen and living room I have a 'window'. Some might call it a pass-through, which certainly could happen, I call it a window. If it wasn't there, this place would have a boxy feel to it, and it would be darker. Now, I grew up in the desert, so me, dark and cold don't really get along. I fear it would only worsen my Seasonal Affective Disorder.  We certainly can't have that! When we first looked at this house I was drawn to it because there was so much light inside.

Anyway...getting back to the real reason for posting. The "sill" of my "window" is about four inches wide. If I were creative couldn't I decorate this all 'mantle-ish?' Hmm, I'm going to have to mull this over a bit.

Stay warm, and healthy! Happy Holidays!

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